Creating a dedicated and motivated team, through integrity and respect


Open, honest and accurate communication at all times.


Taking full responsibility from start to finish.


Permanent focus on getting the job done.

THOR PM contributes to the success of your business, through successful completion of (ICT) projects by providing high quality, professional project management, based on knowledge, skills and experience. THOR PM uses a solid, mature and pragmatic approach with emphasis on four core values:



All team members are treated with integrity and respect. Professionalism and commitment is expected, while demands and expectations are always within reason. People are encouraged to bring their expertise and ideas to the project. Delegation is used when possible, and coaching and supporting when required. This approach helps to gain trust from the people and thus a team is created that is able and willing to go just that extra mile, needed to meet the targets.


Open and honest communication with all stakeholders is considered crucial. This also means that difficult conversations are not avoided. This way, everyone is always informed about the actual situation and knows exactly what to expect. This results in a good cooperation based on mutual trust and respect, which can be crucial for achieving success.


Project management means taking responsibility. Not just on paper, but actually feeling responsible for all aspects of the project from start to finish. That is more than using the right tools and techniques. It’s above all not letting go when problems occure and to keep pushing for that final result. The persistence needed for that, has to be part of your DNA. At THOR Project Management that is the case and full responsibility and accountability is actually taken.


The final result always comes first. The approach at THOR Project Management, grown through experience, is a guarantee for success. And success is not only defined by achieving the project objectives. Success means also:
–  A client who is truly happy and actually experiencing added value to his business.
– The satisfaction of the team to have accomplished something together.
– People who have grown with new experiences and knowledge.
– Recognition and appreciation for each other’s contribution.